Top Three Extra Tips to Oral Health This Summer that Parents Often Forget

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The long and fun days of summer are finally here, and chances are, going to the dentist isn’t on the top of your list of things to do. However, this is a great time to check in with your pediatric dentist in Phoenix. Without the hustle and bustle of the school routine, you can take time to ask questions and find out some helpful tips from a top pediatric orthodontist in Phoenix on ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy and sparkling.

Most people know about the basics: brush your child’s teeth after each meal and snack, and floss. But what about some other areas that people often don’t think about when it comes to taking care of your child’s teeth? Summer is the perfect time to take that extra few minutes to focus on other areas of mouth health.

Purchase ChapStick with SPF For Summer

If your child, like most, is spending more time outside this season, then sunscreen is always a good idea. However, some pediatric orthodontists in Phoenix suggest that most people forget to protect their child’s lips. Lips are exposed to the sun just like skin and are just as susceptible to sunburns and sun damage as other parts of the body.

Purchase a few tubes of ChapStick and pop them into your pool bag or purse to be able to apply to your child’s mouth before sun exposure. If you have multiple kids, pack one small tube per child to ensure germs aren’t spread.

Pediatric Dentist in Phoenix

Buy New Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are typically changed out every few months, according to a top pediatric dental specialist in Phoenix. This is because they carry germs and lose their effectiveness over time. Summer is the perfect time to take your child to the store and pick out a few fun toothbrushes throughout the year. You can label them by months and stick them in the drawer as a reminder to switch them out easily and regularly. 

Schedule and Visit with an Affordable Kids Dentist in Phoenix

Most people do not like to take off work and take kids out of school unless it’s a medical emergency. This makes summertime the perfect time to visit your child’s dentist. Not being in a hurry or rushed helps your child to feel more relaxed and gives you time to ask questions and find out the answers about oral health from an expert. One visit can help your child’s dentist uncover any problems that need fixed before they turn into major concerns.

It’s also great for your child to get reinforcement from someone else, besides a parent, about the importance of oral health. Going to the dentist regularly will help your child feel less nervous about going, they might even enjoy it. Kids dental offices are often geared toward kids with a fun atmosphere, prizes, and friendly staff.

Pediatric Dentist in Phoenix

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