Sedation Options for Kids

When Is Sedation Recommended

Visiting the dentist can be scary for kids (and even some adults)! We get it. That’s why we try to do “well-checks” to get your child used to coming to our office for their best possible experience. But sometimes, that’s not enough, especially when your kiddo needs some extra treatments or procedures done. That’s why, occasionally, our dentists at The Kids Dental Office of Phoenix & Orthodontics recommend sedation. 

What Is it?

Let’s face it, using small tools in your child’s mouth when they are squirming around isn’t easy. It’s a lot worse if they are nervous and uncomfortable. Oral sedation is used to help patients relax without knocking them out. (Sometimes, general anesthesia is available if really necessary). We offer a few options for sedation, depending on each kid’s specific needs: 

Minimal – your child is calm but awake

Moderate – Your child is awake but probably won’t remember what happened

Deep – Your child is almost asleep but barely

General Anesthesia – Your child is unconscious but monitored closely by an anesthesiologist are unconscious

The type of sedation we use depends on your kid, what level you prefer and whether they’ve had any previous problems with anesthesia. Most of the time we use laughing gas (nitrous oxide), which makes your child calm and a little loopy. It wears off almost immediately and has no known long-term side effects. Sometimes when we use a deeper sedation method we use drugs like valium. Don’t worry though! If this is the correct option for your kiddo, we will explain the whole process to you first! Sedation dentistry doesn’t hurt and we use safe and effective measures to make sure there is no pain during these procedures.