Kids’ Dental Services

Reasons for a Pediatric Dentist?

Every parent knows that caring for their kids’ teeth is important (at least that’s you because you are on this website) but sometime, it’s hard to know why to pick a pediatric dentist instead of a traditional family dentist.

  • Just like a pediatrician versus a family doctor, our dentists specialize in seeing children 
  • We try to make the office kid-friendly, so the décor is focused to make kids feel comfortable. 
  • We have video games, kids’ tv shows, toys, and kids’ books to keep your kids occupied.
  • Some kids are nervous. That’s where our specialized dentists and amazing staff shines – whether they need extra comfort or even sedation, we have the expertise to make your visit less stressful and as streamlined as we can.
  • We strive to keep wait times to a minimum because we understand what it’s like taking a toddler to the doctor – whether you have 2, 3, 4, or 5 children (or more), we know how stressful waiting can be.
  • Our office understands kids – we know the difference between the super-shy, need-to-warm-up kid versus “everyone is friend we haven’t met yet” kid. They need different things – we know how to treat them.
  • For us, it’s important to make your child feel special and involved in the process, so we explain it every step of the way to make it easier for them.
  • Smaller mouths = smaller tools. We have better ways to make sure your kids are more comfortable.
  • As much as we try to help the kids, we also help you, the parents, know when it’s time to break the bad habits.
  • Helping every kid is our mission. That includes kids with special needs and others that are hard to treat.