Camelback Pediatric Orthodontists: How to Tell When It’s Time For Braces

Almost half of the US population will go through some sort of orthodontic treatment during their childhood. In fact, 75% of the four million Americans with braces, are children. The good news? An experienced kids orthodontist in Camelback will tell you almost all kids are really excited to get their teeth straight. Braces are sort of a “right of passage” into growing up these days, and often a milestone into becoming a real teenager.

But how do you know when to consider braces for your child? Is it too soon? Is it too late? Your low cost dentist in Camelback is here to guide you.

Orthodontic Treatment Starts with Your Kids Dental Office in Camelback

Many times, your pediatric dentist will be the first one to suggest an orthodontist to you and your child. A low cost kids dentist in Camelback, and the dental team will keep a very close eye on your child’s teeth as they grow. If your dentist begins to see the need for braces, they will refer you to a kids orthodontist in Camelback and you will be on your way. This referral can happen at any age, but usually as a pre-teen after they have lost all their baby teeth.

Who Needs Braces?

There are lots of reasons your child could need braces. Your kids dental office in Camelback will be able to assess your child’s needs and determine if braces are the right option.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Sometimes there are teeth that overlap, are overcrowded, or crooked
  • A jaw problem caused by thumb sucking, an accident, or losing a baby tooth before it was ready
  • Your child could have an overbite, underbite, or malocclusion

Types of Braces

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are many different treatment options for straightening that smile:

  • The go-to treatment is metal braces. The wires and brackets are tightened regularly to move teeth into correct positions slowly. You can change out colors of your rubber bands just for fun.  
  • Clear braces are another option for a straighter smile.
  • Clear aligners are the latest advancement but are usually reserved for adults.

Camelback pediatric orthodontists will help you choose the best treatment for your child’s specific needs. Your kids dental office in Phoenix may also recommend removing a tooth or two to allow more space so that teeth can properly align.

How Long Will My Child Have to Wear Braces?

The duration of treatment depends on a lot of factors, but the average time is about two years. This does not mean that their treatment is complete once your child gets off their braces. They will probably have to wear a retainer for another year at night to stop their teeth from shifting.

Even though there is no set time to get your child braces, visiting your kids dental office in Camelback regularly is the best way to make sure you are keeping up with your child’s dental health.

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