All About Baby Teeth; Advice from a Pediatric Dental Specialist in Camelback

Pediatric Dental Specialist in Camelback

The development of baby teeth is often what parents look forward to when they witness their little ones growing. Teeth help your children develop skills like speaking, making sounds, and chewing baby food. Taking care of their baby teeth as they come in and develop is very important; just like taking care of adult teeth.

Here are some of the top questions that you, as a parent, should be asking your Camelback pediatric dentist about proper care for baby teeth.

When should my baby start to have teeth push through the surface?

Your baby’s teeth should start coming through as early as six months and intermediately until they reach the age of three. Usually but not always, the first teeth to make their appearance are on the bottom row.

Making a habit of massaging your child’s gums with a warm cloth will get them used to the feeling of brushing and cleaning their gums from any bacteria. Yes, babies can still get gum infections that can cause pain and harm to their tooth development.

When should I take my child to their first dental appointment at a kids dental office in Camelback?

Most Camelback pediatric dentists would agree that by the time your child turns one, you should see a dentist. This is because your child’s jaw, bite, and teeth are all developing during this time. Dentists are better able to provide solutions for problems that can be fixed when caught early. Delaying treatment can be both costly and painful.

Another benefit to seeing a dentist early is your child can get used to regular dental appointments, the chair, and having their mouth examined. New things can often intimidate kids and make it a dreaded experience for both the child and the parent. However, when you see a dentist on a regular schedule, your child is much more likely to feel comfortable with the process, which makes your dental appointment and overall experience much more pleasant.

Pediatric Dental Specialist in Camelback

When do I introduce toothpaste? And what’s the best kind of toothpaste to start with?

Brushing your baby’s teeth should start when you see the first tooth break the surface. When this happens, their teeth can start to decay and have enamel breakdown, just like your adult teeth. As your child grows, showing by example how to take care of their teeth is essential. Your pediatric dental specialist in Camelback can also provide some helpful educational tips during their regular appointments to help with this process.

Pediatric Dental Specialist in Camelback

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