Why Visiting a Pediatric Dentist in Camelback Before Your Child’s First Birthday is Important

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

When you have a baby, you often don’t think about how their teeth develop. Then they get the emergence of their teeth, and it hits parents, and they wonder if it’s the right time to see a dentist. The truth is there are many reasons why seeing a pediatric dentist in Camelback is so essential.

Children’s teeth begin to form below the gums, usually before their first birthday. Wiping their gums with a warm damp cloth is essential for removing bacteria and sugars from their mouth. Even though there are no teeth above the surface yet, it will help your child get used to brushing their teeth early on. If cost is a concern for your child’s dental needs, consider finding an AHCCCS kids dentist Camelback.

What other benefits will my child have when visiting a Camelback pediatric dentist at an early age?

Your Child’s Bite Can Be Fixed Quicker

When problems with your child’s bite or how their jaw is forming arise, catching it sooner rather than later can prevent further treatment down the road. A Camelback pediatric orthodontist is essential in getting your child’s bite back on track quickly. If not, your child could develop speech issues as they are learning words. A misaligned bite may cause them to mispronounce letters since they won’t be able to move their jaw and mouth properly.

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

Your AHCCCS Kids Dentist in Camelback Can Prevent Bacteria Damage

Bacteria can form in all of the mouth’s areas, including the teeth, gums, tonsils, tongue, and cheeks. Inside the mouth is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, so keeping your child’s teeth and gums brushed is essential for preventing an outbreak that can irritate your baby.

You Can Prevent Cavities or Enamel Breakdown

When you don’t see a pediatric dental specialist in Camelback regularly, your child’s rate of cavities could skyrocket. Evaluating your child’s teeth regularly to make sure they look clean and healthy. If you notice any concerns, it’s never a bad idea to consult your dentist to get their opinion.

Here are some important questions to ask your dentist:

  • What kind of toothbrush should my child use?
  • What kind of milk should my child drink for tooth health?
  • How often should I brush my child’s teeth and gums?
  • Would fluoride treatments help protect my child’s teeth?

These are all good questions that, when answered by a professional, can really prevent major dental work in the future.

Seeing a Dentist Regularly Will Get Your Child Accustomed to Routine Cleanings

It can be unnerving for anyone to sit in a chair with a bright light and have people’s hands in their mouth. Going on a regular basis will get your child used to the experience, as well as prevent cavities and decay. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

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