Why Mouthguards Are So Important for Your Child or Teenager

ediatric Orthodontist in Camelback

Mouthguards are essential for anyone playing sports, but especially for your children. Right now, their jaws, teeth, and mouth are forming, and it’s important to remember that trauma to the area could leave lasting results they could carry into adulthood. It’s a good idea to evaluate the sports and activities your kids are involved in and speak with your pediatric orthodontist in Camelback about options.

According to a kids orthodontist in Camelback, here are some of the top things to consider when it comes to mouthguards and your child’s teeth:

Accidents Can Happen in Almost Any Sport or Activity

Many parents might think that their kids’ sports aren’t dangerous enough to have a mouthguard. The truth is there are many situations where kids can fall, lose their balance, or collide with another person. These can all result in mouth injuries. Some injuries affect the lips, gums, or teeth.

Mouthguards absorb some of that force, significantly reducing the chances of a major mouth injury. A pediatric orthodontist in Camelback can make a custom mouthguard with many options to give your child the most comfort and protection possible.

ediatric Orthodontist in Camelback

Mouthguards Can Be for Any Age

Mouthguards can be custom-made by your kids orthodontist in Camelback. This means that whatever age your kid is, your child’s teeth can be protected. It can be hard to get used to it because it might feel awkward at first. However, if you get your child used to wearing it at an early age, then it becomes automatic, just like wearing a seatbelt.

Consider making your child part of the process when picking out a mouthguard, the colors, flavors, and other options. Just like picking out a new toothbrush, if a child likes it and helps pick it out, they are more likely to want to wear it.

Make Sure and Take Care of Your Child’s Mouthguard

Just like a toothbrush, you should be checking your child’s mouthguard for several things. One is wear and tear. Mouthguards will start to wear down at some point, and particularly after being hit. It’s important to look for any cracks or tears in the mouthguard. If you notice any, call your kids dental office in Camelback right away to get a replacement made.

Second, you need to clean the mouthguard regularly. This means scrubbing it with a toothbrush, toothpaste, clean water, or soap. Talk to your pediatric dental specialist in Camelback to see what they recommend for your child’s specific mouthguard.

Many materials are treated differently and require different cleaning procedures. Once it is clean, make sure it can air dry fully before being stored. This way, bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow.

Pediatric Orthodontist in Camelback

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