Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

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As a leading pediatric dentist in Camelback, we know that parents worry about the safety of X-rays. If all dental problems occurred above the gumline, there would not be a need for x-rays at all. Unfortunately, this is not the case. At our kids dental office in Camelback we know that too often, decay, damage, and infections occur in areas you just cannot see with the naked eye. In order to see these problems more clearly, a Camelback pediatric dentist has to use special imaging equipment to see better.

Is it safe? Will my child be exposed to radiation? Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of x-rays. Your pediatric dentist in Camelback wants you to know that x-rays used today are much safer when it comes to your little one.

Why Does My Child Need X-rays?

It may seem like you should only need dental x-rays as an adult, not at the kids dental office in Camelback. Young smiles go through a lot of notable changes, and your dentist needs to see how the teeth, gums, and bite will develop over time. While everything may look fine on the surface that you can see, an x-ray gives us a glimpse of what may be occurring under the surface.

A pediatric dentist in Camelback can use dental x-rays to identify the following problems:

  • An infection that is inside a tooth or its root
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted and angled incorrectly, pushing against healthy teeth
  • Whether there is enough space for permanent teeth to erupt
  • If baby teeth are falling out correctly
  • If cysts or abnormal lesions are forming
  • If a cavity is forming between two teeth

Are X-rays Safe?

Yes! Your kids dental office in Camelback assures you that x-rays used by professionals are very safe for children. Now, x-rays are digital, and they use 90% less radiation than traditional film. Today, dental x-rays are producing high-quality images, and they can be stored electronically for future use.

If your dentist recommends x-rays, they will be quick, easy, and comfortable for your little one. While wearing an apron made of lead and a thyroid collar to shield their body, your child needs to remain still. The sensor will then capture the images, and each x-ray will take only a tenth of a second.

Depending on your child’s needs, they may not need x-rays as often as other patients. It depends on the dentist your child sees; if they require x-rays. However, feel confident in knowing your child is very safe at the Camelback pediatric dentist.

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