Pediatric Dentist in Camelback’s Back to School Dental Tips

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

New pencils, backpack, and a fresh schedule mean your child is headed off to great places to start their first week of school. In addition to all those readiness routines, don’t forget your child’s dental health. A Camelback pediatric dentist wants to ensure your child’s dental health is on your list. So, get out your notebook and jot down these helpful tips to get started. 

1. Schedule Their Cleaning: Smiles are so important! Making regular visits to the pediatric dentist in Camelback should be one of your priorities at the beginning of the school year. Don’t forget to get a consultation for your teen from a pediatric orthodontist in Camelback also. It might be time to put on those braces. 

2. Remind Your Child of Their At-Home Routine: Before heading off to school, your Camelback pediatric dentist wants to remind you to take care of your smile! Eat right and make proper at-home dental care part of their routine. 

Here are a few tips to get your child on the right track: 

  • Lead by example. 
  • Use a gold star program for good habits. 
  • Take your child to the store to pick out a new toothbrush for the school year. 
  • Pick up new dental-themed books or educational videos. 
Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

3. Brush Properly: Don’t forget that floss and mouthwash; your child should be brushing twice a day. Here are some simple steps your pediatric dentist in Camelback wants you to remember: 

  • Hold that brush at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Brush the top, bottom, back, and front. 
  • Use short strokes 
  • Brush your tongue 
  • Sing “Happy Birthday” in your head to make sure you are brushing long enough 

4. Pack Healthy Snacks: Stay away from those sugary drinks and snacks! Get the school year started right with good healthy eating habits. 

5. Keep Hydrated: Water is the best thing for your child. They may love juice and soda pop, but that is terrible for your teeth. If you want to add flavor to their water, try adding fruit overnight to their water bottles. 

6. Protect Those Braces: If your child has braces, make sure they take care of them at school. Avoid chewing hard, sticky food, so they don’t have to make an unscheduled visit to a pediatric orthodontist in Camelback. 

Here at the Kids’ Dental office of Phoenix, we hope you all have the best school year possible. We go above and beyond by making your child feel safe, heard, and respected at every visit. Our compassionate dentists and staff can’t wait to hear about your new adventures this year. Visit us soon and tell us all about it! 

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