Summer Dental Tips from the Camelback Pediatric Dentist

Camelback Pediatric Dentist

Get those summer vacations going right with these sizzling summer dental tips from your friends at the Kids’ Dental Office of Phoenix and Orthodontics!

  • Schedule those Exams – Schools out but not for your teeth. Schedule an exam with the pediatric dentist in Camelback. It is so challenging to come up with times during the school year, so come visit during the summer. We will get you in and out in an instant. Now is a great time to schedule check-ups, cleanings, and any treatment you have been delaying. Taking care of it now with a Camelback pediatric dentist will save you from a dental emergency in the future.
  • Eat Healthy Snacks – If your child is spending time with friends or with a babysitter, make sure they are getting healthy snacks. It’s easy to get into the routine of easy, sugary foods, so try to steer clear of those. Focus on fresh vegetables and fruits, which always taste best in the summer! Want an extra cool treat? Freeze some berries and mix them with some fruit to have a refreshing and nutritious snack this summer.
  • Prepare for Dental Emergencies – These can happen at any time, but in the summer, you are playing harder, which sometimes includes high-impact activities. If a dental emergency does happen and you are traveling, you should be prepared by having a small kit ready. This kit should include the following items:
  • Stay Hydrated Camelback pediatric dentists recommends staying hydrated for a number of reasons, but did you know hydration could have an impact on your teeth? It’s true. Keep water around because sugary drinks that sit on your teeth are a no-no and will have you in the dental chair getting a tooth filled.
  • Invest in a Mouthguard – If your child is active in sports, get a mouthguard to prevent major dental accidents. Get ready for those fall sports too. Pediatric dentists in Camelback say you should invest in one before fall sports begin.
  • Keep Brushing – Remember to brush and floss those teeth every day this summer. Sometimes a change in routine can make you forget all about those critical teeth. Remember, if you come in for your check-up, we will hook you up with a dazzling new toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash to complete your summer.

While summer can be the prime time for cavities and kids, it doesn’t have to be. Your kids can have a great summer vacation by sticking to an oral care routine, limiting sugary treats, keeping healthy snacks on hand, and scheduling regular exams.

Camelback Pediatric Dentist

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