Helpful Advice About Your Child’s First Dentist Appointments

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

Nothing says “getting big” like your child’s first tooth. The agony of teething comes with a lot of questions though. When do I find a pediatric dentist in Camelback? Is it after one tooth or seven? When do I even start them brushing? What if they aren’t coming in at all? I am worried my child’s molars will never come in. Pediatric dental specialists in Camelback can guide you through some of the more complicated queries, but early screening by an affordable kids dentist in Camelback is best.

Why Is Getting My Child to The Dentist So Early Important?

The first appointment is very important so that the dentist can ensure everything is developing appropriately. Your first appointment with the dentist can provide:

  • Guidance with your toddler’s oral care
  • Helpful tips with breast and bottle feeding to prevent tooth decay
  • How to fight thumb sucking and other bad habits
  • Early orthodontal interventions

A short visit to the dentist should take place before your child’s first birthday, or about six months after the first tooth becomes visible. Most parents think they should not visit a Camelback pediatric dentist until well after their fourth birthday. The problem is, this is after decay problems have already started.

Educating Parents About Their Baby’s Teeth

Parents can benefit from visiting a low cost kids dentist in Camelback with their baby just as much as their child. Sometimes, parents don’t really know how to clean their baby’s teeth and gums properly and the dentist can guide them. A pediatric dental specialist can help show a parent how to prevent decay and other dental problems from happening to your most precious commodity. Any other concerns you have about teething will be cleaned up when you make an appointment with an affordable kids dentist in Camelback as well.

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

Choosing a Camelback Pediatric Dentist

Whenever you choose to make that first appointment for your child’s first dental exam, make sure you book the appointment with a trustworthy, board-certified, pediatric dentist. When you choose your baby’s pediatrician, make sure you do a lot of research on the most qualified person to take care of your child. At The Kids’ Dental Office of Phoenix & Orthodontics, our dental office offers quality care from small children to teens.

A pediatric dentist receives training beyond the training of a regular dentist. They learn how to treat children specifically and cater to all their little needs. An excellent pediatric dentist in Camelback will be adaptable to your child’s individual needs and age.

Pediatric Dentist in Camelback

At The Kids’ Dental Office of Phoenix & Orthodontics, a top pediatric dentist in Camelback, we strive to give families and children the preventive care needed to prevent painful and damaging conditions. It is our mission to give every family access to quality dental care for their kids, which is why we are an AHCCCS kids dentist in Camelback

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