How To Take the Best Care of Your Child’s Teeth

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New parents have to learn many things that they might neglect their baby’s teeth. One major reason is that infants don’t have teeth above the surface when they are born. However, their teeth are still there, they’re just below the surface.

How you take care of your child’s gums affects their baby teeth as well as the development of their adult teeth. Most Camelback pediatric orthodontists suggest coming in for your child’s first visit around their first birthday, if not sooner.

At The Kids’ Dental Office of Phoenix, a leading AHCCCS kids dentist in Camelback, we have some helpful advice on how to take care of your child’s teeth at a young age.

Brush Regularly

Brushing, wiping, and cleaning all start from birth. When your child is only drinking milk, it’s important to wipe their gums with a warm cloth to remove the sugars and bacteria that can grow easily in their mouth. This will also get your infant used to having a regular brushing and cleaning routine. It also gets them accustomed to their teeth and mouth being touched for hygiene purposes. This will make it much easier for them when visiting their pediatric dentist in Camelback.

As your child ages and gains some teeth, they will be in the habit of brushing already. This makes regular oral care easier to stick to. It is important that they learn to brush their teeth two to three times a day or after meals.

If you are away from home and don’t have a travel toothbrush around, then at the least give your child a few sips of water to swish around in their mouth. This breaks up chunks of leftover food between the teeth and dilutes sugars that could rot their teeth.

Camelback Pediatric Orthodontist

Regular Checkups with a Camelback Pediatric Dentist

When you regularly visit an affordable kids dentist in Camelback, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of unhealthy teeth and gums. Cavities, gum disease, and other conditions that need treatment are all things that can be avoided with preventative care––like brushing or regular dental checkups. A Camelback pediatric orthodontist can find issues and treat them before they grow into significant problems.

When it comes to gum disease, when you treat it in the early stages, you can stop it in its tracks. However, if you do not address it with treatment, then it can cause bone breakdown. According to a premier pediatric orthodontist in Camelback, this can result in loss of teeth permanently and other more serious conditions.

Camelback Pediatric Orthodontist

At The Kids Dental off of Phoenix & Orthodontics, we are an AHCCCS kids dentist in Camelback, open for all dental care procedures and emergency needs. This is because protecting the health and safety of our patients and families remains our number one priority.

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